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- News: Interesting study "HnRNPK maintains single strand RNA through controlling double-strand RNA in mammalian cells" is published now |Nature communications.

- News: Interesting study "NBAT1/CASC15-003/USP36 control MYCN expression and its downstream pathway genes in neuroblastoma" is published now | Neuro-Oncology Advances.

- News: Interesting study "LY6K-AS lncRNA is a lung adenocarcinoma prognostic biomarker and regulator of mitotic progression" is published now | Oncogene.

- News: Interesting study on "The DNA damage inducible lncRNA SCAT7 regulates genomic integrity and topoisomerase 1 turnover in lung adenocarcinoma" is published now | NAR Cancer, Volume 3, Issue 1.

- News: Interesting study on "Subcellular distribution of p53 by the p53-responsive lncRNA NBAT1 determines chemotherapeutic response in neuroblastoma" is published now | Cancer research, 2020 Dec 28.

- News: Interesting book chapter on "Labeling and Purification of Temporally Expressed RNAs During the S-Phase of the Cell Cycle in Living Cells" is published now | Methods in Molecular Biology, 2020 Dec 17.

- News: Interesting book chapter on "In Vivo Administration of Therapeutic Antisense Oligonucleotides" is published now | Methods in Molecular Biology, 2020 Dec 17.

- News: Interesting study on "Analysis of copy number alterations reveals the lncRNA ALAL-1 as a regulator of lung cancer immune evasion" is published now | J Cell Biol, 2020 August 27.

- Event: Mohamad Ali Doctoral dissertation, 2019 Dec 17.

- Event: Sanhita Mitra Doctoral dissertation, 2019 Dec 03.

- News: Study on "Transcriptome-wide Profiling of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations Patients Reveal Important Long noncoding RNA molecular signatures" is published now | Scientific Reports, 2019 Dec 03.

- News: Study on "BACH1 Stabilization by Antioxidants Stimulates Lung Cancer Metastasis" is published now | Cell, 2019 June 27.

- News: Study on "EZH2 upregulates the PI3K/AKT pathway through IGF1R and MYC in clinically aggressive chronic lymphocytic leukaemia" is published now | Epigenetics, 2019 June 26.

- News: Interesting study on "FOXK1 and FOXK2 regulate aerobic glycolysis" is now online | Nature, 2019 Jan 30.

- News: Interesting study on "Detection of RNA–DNA binding sites in long noncoding RNAs" is now online | Nucleic Acids Research, 2019 Jan 30.

- News: Interesting study on "Global distribution of DNA hydroxymethylation and DNA methylation in chronic lymphocytic leukemia" is now online | Epigenetics & Chromatin, 2019 Jan 7.

- News: Commentary on "LncRNAs join hands together to regulate neuroblastoma progression" is now online | Molecular & Cellular Oncology, 2018 Dec 17.

- News: Interesting study on "yylncT Defines a Class of Divergently Transcribed lncRNAs and Safeguards the T-mediated Mesodermal Commitment of Human PSCs" published in Cell Stem Cell, 2018 Dec 13. It was nice collaborating with Kurianlab.

- News: Comment on "S-phase Cancer Associated lncRNAs" is now online | Cell Cycle, 2018 Nov 28.

- Event: Pre-christmas dinner - 27/Nov/2018

- News: H3K4me2 and WDR5 enriched chromatin interacting long non-coding RNAs maintain transcriptionally competent chromatin at divergent transcriptional units: article published@Nucleic acids research, 2018 July 13.

- Avalilable positions: Three postdoctoral positions are available for two years with a possibility of further extension. 2018 April 04.

- Media news: New biomarkers for neuroblastoma, a type of cancer in children. 2018 March 13.

- Media news: RNA-based therapy cures lung cancer in mouse models. 2018 February 28.

- Event: Recent celebration for acceptance of articles. 2018 February 22.

News: Article: "Sense-antisense lncRNA pair encoded by locus 6p22.3 determines neuroblastoma susceptibility via USP36-CHD7-SOX9 gene regulatory axis" accepted in Cancer Cell. 2018 January 31.
- News: Article: PAN-Cancer analysis of S-phase enriched lncRNAs identifies oncogenic drivers and biomarkers accepted in Nature communications. 2018 January 27.

- Event: Mohamad Ali - Role of long noncoding RNAs in cell cycle regulation. (MID WAY SEMINAR) 2018 January 25, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM.

- Event: Kankadeb Mishra - Doctoral dissertation celebration - 07/Dec/2017

- Event: Kankadeb Mishra - Doctoral dissertation: 07/Dec/2017

- Event: Santhilal Subhash - Functional characterization of non-coding RNAs in cancers. (MID WAY SEMINAR) 2016 September 30, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM.

- News: GeneSCF accepted for publication in BMC bioinformatics, 2016 September 08.

- Update: GeneSCF V1.1 (real-time based gene enrichment tool) - available for download, 2016 January 28.

Recent publications

1) PAN-cancer analysis of S-phase enriched lncRNAs identifies oncogenic drivers and biomarkers. Nature Communications
2) MEG3 long noncoding RNA regulates TGF-β pathway genes through formation of RNA-DNA triplex structures. Nature Communications
3) The Risk-Associated Long Noncoding RNA NBAT-1 Controls Neuroblastoma Progression by Regulating Cell Proliferation and Neuronal Differentiation. Cancer Cell.

Grants received

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